Cinema Fury grew out of a dramaturgical impulse for the performance “S.O.S.” Since that piece was based on the idea of a celebration, we thought that we should throw a party— although a particular kind of party based on the idea of the “art party” and simultaneously “party art.” We conceived of an event with an open, experimental structure in which performance would be interwoven with installation, in which format and process were exposed, and which would happen all around and between the audience and participants. Everyone who attends performs, in one sense or another, as people do at a party; everyone dances, interacts, observes, and changes the course of the evening through their presence. During the course of the evening, we dj music, we rehearse text, we expose choreography— but the real performance is what happens by the full cast of the people in the room; the audience as activators & how they assimilate and transform our/their space & duration. The series continues to develop and transform with every incarnation: one off-shoot of the early experiments called “Actions!” carries on as a collaboration with the SPANK (NYC) crew; Cinema Fury has sometimes moved into gallery spaces, but continues to rove…

Cinema Fury, of variable dimensions and duration.

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