Big Art Group – Scissor Sisters Collaboration at Bonnaroo Festival June 11, 2011

This weekend Big Art Group will be at the Bonnaroo Festival in support of the Scissors Sisters. We built 4 sculptural and spectacular moments for their summer festival tour. After this they head out in July to festivals and venues in Europe and beyond. Check out our stuff with them if you’re near a festival. They are an amazing band and we’ve been so happy to have the chance to work with them. You can see their tour dates here. Big Art Group will be in North American this summer developing THE PEOPLE – San Francisco for Sept 16 & 17 2011 with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and Z Space in SF and also CITYRAMA for the European Cultural Capital 2011 in Tallinn Estonia for the end of October.  Below are some images and video from the last Scissor Sisters show at Coachella back in April.


In April, Big Art Group collaborated with the Scissor Sisters to present sculptural and spectacular visuals for their shows at The Warfield in San Francisco and headlining the Mohave Tent at the Coachella Rock Festival outside of Los Angeles in Palm Desert. Using light, wind, mylar, silk, and mirrors, we created 4 events within their live set. Below is a video and some pictures from the shows.


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Press Quotes:

Launching their set with a fountain of silver metallic helium filled balloons that exploded into the crowd – very Andy Warhol “Silver Clouds – the audience continued to hoist deflated pieces above their head as they danced themselves into a sweaty mess for the band’s entire set.” – LA Times

“Scissor Sisters—who started and ended while Arcade Fire’s set was still going — brought a giddily explosive contrast to the dignified reserve of the main stage act, with singer/hypewoman Ana Matronic praising the women for dressing like sluts (her word, not ours) and imploring men to add more hot pants to their wardrobe (possibly preaching to the converted). Musically, the joyful atmosphere never wavered through songs like “Filthy/Gorgeous” and their discofied cover of “Comfortably Numb.”

The bands weren’t without their similarities. Both employed audience participation-ready props; with inflatable orbs housing multicolored lights infiltrating the Arcade Fire crowd, and Scissor Sisters assailing their fans with silver foil tendrils at the start of their set.” – LA Record