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Big Art Group in the NYTimes.

Big Art Group’s work with media is featured in an article in the New York Times about companies that have been working in and with media and their relationship with the pandemic performance practices happening today. 

In Print: Doubleness on the New York Contemporary Experimental Stage: Bodies and Technology

Big Art Group is discussed in depth in the new article, “Doubleness on the New York Contemporary Experimental Stage: Bodies and Technology” by Emeline J. Jouve. The article can be read in French or In English. “Doubleness on the New York Contemporary Experimental Stage: Bodies and Technology” explores the representations of bodies in a corpus […]

Caden Manson Will Be Speaking At The Chaos & Method Symposium (Prague, CZ) May 28 & 29, 2018

Caden Manson will be speaking about FRAMEWORKS, a system for researching, thinking, and making Contemporary Performance created by Manson and Jemma Nelson (Big Art Group) at the The Chaos & Method Symposium at DAMU in Prague, CZ May 28 & 29, 2018.

This symposium is a gathering of pedagogues, artists and students where we share experiences about teaching the ‘unthinkable’: a place to sigh, collapse and think together. But it will also be a place of pragmatic mapping of the field: What are the existing, specific methodologies that we use in teaching contemporary performance? What are individual fields and disciplines thought at different schools? What is the proportion of theory and practice? How is the future ‘career’, possibility to build future connections, provided to students? How do we help them towards their own aesthetics? What is the form of the bachelor studies vs. master studies, what is the difference?

In Print: Imagined Theatres: Writing For The Theoretical Stage

Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson are published in this anthology of hypothetical performances written by nearly one hundred leading theorists and artists of the contemporary stage.

“What Could We Build, or Is the Future Already Behind Us?: A Forum” – Big Art Group published in Yale’s Theater Magazine

Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson have been published in Yale’s Theater Magazine. They were part of “What Could We Build, or Is the Future Already Behind Us?: A Forum” during Prelude15 Festival along with David Levine, David Conison, Ryan McNamara, Alexandro Segade, and Tom Sellar. Available online at Duke Journals. “For the 2015 Prelude festival, held at New York’s Martin E. […]

Shout Out In The New York Times

Our friends and collaborators are featured in the NYTimes for their 7 years of working and presenting the SPANK Art Zine and Party. We’ve been collaborating with them and helping to curate performance into their art parties since day one and they gave Big Art Group a little shout out! Go read up and then […]

In Print: The People in Danish Teater1 Magazine

Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson spoke with Mette Garfield, co editor of the Danish Theater Magazine Teater1, on the occasion of Big Art Group’s performances of THE PEOPLE – LES at Abrons Arts Center in New York. In the article and interview Big Art Group discusses the performance of democracy, contemporary tragedy, and Big Art […]

After Spectacularity published in Theater Magazine

Click to access theater_spec.pdf

In Print: Big Art Group’s THE PEOPLE – L.E.S. Featured in Exeunt Magazine

“New York-based performers Big Art Group came home to Abrons Arts Center this month, with their show The People, an experiment in democracy-building as only this adventurous, tech-savvy company could imagine it.” Click here to read the full article. http://exeuntmagazine.com/features/with-democracy-and-theater-for-all/

Big Art Group at PRELUDE13 Oct 3, 2013 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm (NYC) Free!

This coming Thursday, Big Art Group will be giving a presentation on our serial project THE PEOPLE at PRELUDE13. We will also show video from the 6 other installments and perform a short section of the work. Come by and chat with us afterwards. We are also looking for collaborators for the New York installment […]