Clearcut, Catastrophe!

The tragic entrapment of nostalgia and the futility of escapist fantasies of the future play out in declining and decaying parallel universes of the Maysles Brothers’ documentary “Grey Gardens” and Chekhov’s masterpiece “Three Sisters.” Through experimental structure and task-based choreography, the performers attempt to embody multiple stories that unravel as quickly as they are constructed. Caden Manson / Big Art Group establishes their nonconformist objectives and transgressive techniques in this debut work.


“Everything one longs for downtown theater to be. Sharp, irreverent, inventive and utterly preposterous, this scrappy little production by Big Art Group is a crazy idea brought to thoughtful fruition.” –

“A marvel…a bunch of smart, energetic performers letting their ideas loose onstage.” – Back Stage

“It is mighty powerful stuff the Big Art Group serves up in their ‘CLEARCUT, catastrophe!’” – Theatre Reviews Ltd.

“… full house of staunch (that’s s-t-a-u-n-c-h, Masha informs us) supporters.” – Curtain